The Basics of Photography

Life is best captured with the naked eye and… the camera.

Photography is a very extensive and creative skill that attracts people in the most special way. Learning the basics of photography is the initial step for a lifetime passion. It may be challenging at first, but eventually you will appreciate it even more. After all, photography is just like life— difficult yet rewarding.

To equip you with the essentials and skills needed in photography, here is an ultimate guide for all camera enthusiasts. Be ready and let the photography session begin!

Finding the Right Camera

The very first step in photography is to pick the right camera that suits you. You don’t just pick a camera base on what your friends tell you or what the internet endorses. What type of camera do you want? (Or do you even know what are different types of camera?) There are three selections based on your needs. You can choose DSLR, Point-and-Shoots or Mirrorless. However, the difficult part is choosing the brand. Just be sure to weigh your thoughts properly before purchasing a costly optical equipment.

Wide range of camera selection

Understanding your Camera

In general, cameras are difficult to handle. It is tricky and needs your in-depth cooperation to capture exceptional photos and videos. But chill, every beginner experiences complexities at this stage. Figure out all the specifications of your camera one by one. Explore the settings, effects and everything under the sun. Create a bond with your camera because through this, you will learn faster and appreciate photography even better.

Know your camera more than anyone else

Knowing the Principles

Before you head on to your first photography session, you need to know the basic words and principles of photography. It’s not that complicated as you think. We’ll start by the discussing the basic terms that every beginner should know.

Aperture- the hole in the lens that can be adjusted to control the focus and amount of light

Exposure- the amount of light that will determine the lightness or darkness of your image

Flash- accessory that provides additional light in dark surroundings

Depth of field- element that determines the image in focus.  

ISO Number- level of light sensitivity

These are just some of the common words you will encounter with your camera and there’s a lot more to discover. It’s a continuous process and in time, you will be able to master all these camera terms.

Trying Different Styles

Don’t just focus on one photography style. The world of photography is full of interesting things to do. Aside from creating your own photography statement, keep learning new styles. Being a photographer is knowing the basics, but being a great photographer is trying to venture other styles. Discover the extensive beauty of photography and for sure you will be amazed of its wonders.

Photographers would do anything just to find the best angle!

Capturing Life Moments

The best thing about photography is capturing special life moments. It rewinds the past through pictures. You don’t need to be an expert to try photography. As long as you got the passion to capture memories, you’re definitely on the right track. Just be patient because success is sweeter with all the bitter challenges.

Special moments are rarely captured, so take a shot!