List of the Best DSLR Cameras

What’s your DSLR bet?

First of all, do you know what is the meaning of DSLR? For those who are naïve to the world of photography, DSLR means Digital Single-Lens Reflex. DSLR is one of the best options of most photographers because of its reliable image sensors that captures great and quality pictures.

DSLR cameras have wide options, from beginner to expert. And if you are in the dilemma of the hundreds of choices, then this article will ultimately help you pick the right one.


When we talk of DSLRs, Canon is undeniably one of the top picks. And over the years, it has produced noteworthy products perfect for different types of photographers. Here are some of the best DSLRs of Canon.

The Full Coverage Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV       

Prices: $3,499.00 USD

The 5D Mark IV is the latest and most comprehensive DSLR of Canon, with its Full-frame CMOS sensor, 61-point AF system, 30.4MP and 4K HDR video. Because of its exceptional features, especially the advance AF system, this has become a top favorite for expert photographers. The stunning performance of the camera is worth the expensive price.

Canon EOS 5DS

Price: $2638.79 USD

The Canon EOS 5DS boasts of having the highest resolution full-frame of all time, which is 50.6MP. Based on professional photographers’ feedbacks, EOS 5DS is the best DSLR for landscape, portrait and nature photography. Because of its full-frame chip, pixels can be larger and consequently, it can capture shallower depth of field and better images even in low light.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Price: $1499.00 USD

This tough build DLSR is a great hit for expert photographers. The most notable features of EOS 7D Mark II are its Hybrid AF and 10fps shooting. Its autofocus  is composed of 65-point AF, and 65 cross-type, making it great for taking action and sports shots. However, it is very expensive for an APS-C camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i                             

Price: $549.00 USD

Another top choice for Canon DSLRs is the EOS Rebel T6i. The camera is ideal for newbies because of the easy-to-use controls and affordable price, without compromising the quality. It has  a 24.2MP, APS-C CMOS sensor and 5fps. The only downside is the slow AF system of 19-point AF and19 cross-type.

Affordable Canon EOS Rebel T6i


For entry-level and intermediate photographers, Nikon is a great choice. It has unique DSLRs ideal for different types of users. Nikon is well known for its advanced features that provides outstanding images. To help you in your Nikon DSLR search, we’ve listed the best cameras right before your eyes.

Nikon D810

Price: $2000.00 USD

A much adored DSLR of Nikon, D810 brags of its full-frame CMOS and advance AF system. D810 is recognized for crisp image quality and its price is really reasonable considering being a pro camera. You can also take great pictures of sports and action because the camera has a fast continuous shooting speed at 5fps.

A Nikon Favorite: Nikon D810

Nikon D500

Price: $1796.95 USD

The ideal choice for action photography. Though Nikon D810 is also good for action photos, D500 is way better because of its higher continuous shooting speed at 10 fps and 173-point AF system. The camera has a distinct rugged and metal body design, which makes it more attractive for the photographers’ eyes.

Nikon D7200

Price: $814.99 USD

Great pick for intermediate shooters. Nikon D7200 is a combination of striking features and affordable price. The camera’s performance is way beyond its cheap rate. It has an excellent 24.2MP and powerful 51-point AF system. It may not have the sheer shooting speed of other Nikon versions, but D7200 can still provide outstanding photos because of its great autofocus system.

Cheap yet excellent Nikon D7200

Nikon D750

Price: $1796.95 USD

Being a full-frame Nikon DSLR, D750 is a very interesting choice for Nikon lovers. Many beginners and intermediate photographers fell in love with D750 because of its versatility and powerfulness, taking into account the low-cost. The titling screen is very useful for video taking and the 24.3MP is significant for capturing clear images.


Pentax may not be as popular as Canon and Nikon, but it has made a name in photography. The brand is under a Japanese company, with almost a century of camera operation and client appreciation. Pentax is widely renowned for its attractive styling options, like colored exteriors.

Pentax K-1

Price: $348.09 USD

The first full-frame DSLR of Pentax. K-1 was waited by many enthusiasts because of its very affordable price for a full-frame CMOS. The 36MP and 4.4fps give excellent landscape and portrait photography.

Pentax K-3

Price: $348.09 USD

The edgy and solid outer design of Pentax K-3 is totally a charmer. Unlike the K-1, K-3 has only APS-C CMOS sensor and 23.35MP. But it advances through its AF system that can shoot 8.3 fps. The autofocus is the best feature of the Pentax K-3, together with the image stabilization that keeps unwanted shakes.

Unique camera design of Pentax K-3

We hope this list helped you in your DSLR quest There are still a lot of selections; just weigh your thoughts accordingly before purchasing your ultimate DSLR.