Getting the Best Landscape Photos


Landscape photography is one of the most popular types of photography, because it mostly captures the still beauty of nature. It may look very easy to take a landscape photo, but in reality, photographers have patiently waited to capture the best shot. It takes passion to be a great landscape photographer.

To shower you with some skills and secrets straight from the experts, delve into this article and enjoy!


Plan Ahead

Whenever you explore the unknown, be sure to have a proper planning. Learn everything about the place, from the top destinations to the parking space. It is better to know the simplest details or else you’ll stumble with jam-packed crowd. Being prepared even before you step foot on a strange surrounding will help you make your entire photography session more easy and fast. The internet will assist you in giving some ideas about a specific place. There are a lot of tips and reviews which can be of great help. A small sacrifice will really be worth it.


Have a Back-Up Plan

A general rule: Always have a back-up plan. You don’t know what will happen along the road or during your photography session. Uncertainties are really disappointing and annoying. All you can do is to let go of the stress and head on to your plan B. As much as possible, don’t just stick to your itinerary all the time because life is full of surprises.

Keep in mind that you can still capture flattering images in the most unflattering way. It’s a matter of creativity and positive mindset.


Even your subject has a back-up plan

Get the most out of your Depth of Field

Getting great landscape photos largely depend on how you properly use the DOF (depth of field). In order to get the most out of your depth of field, you need to manipulate your aperture, which is one of the factors that affect the clarity and sharpness of an image. In general, shorter focal lengths and narrower apertures provide great depth of field. But the bottom line, capturing outstanding landscapes will vary on the type of camera and lens you are using.

Landscapes become more attractive using DOF

Use a Tripod

One of the most challenging parts of taking landscape photos is image stability and sharpness. With the help of a very essential camera tool, you can now shoot amazing landscape without blurs. Tripod ensures complete stillness during long exposures. And to ultimately avoid unwanted shakes, you can also bring a remote shutter release so you can capture the best photos without touching your camera.

Your ever reliable camera buddy, the Tripod.

Try Different Lenses

Though most photographers would use wide-angle lens for a landscape photo shoot, there are other lenses that can give a more creative and impressive shot.

Zoom or telephoto lenses is another great choice when having a landscape photography. While most wide-angle lens distorts some parts of the image, zoom lens creates a more natural looking photos.

Find a Unique Angle

Forego the normal camera style and try to find a unique angle. Don’t just capture a place from one viewpoint. Hop from one place to the other just to have different styles. Try to assess which location is better and more attractive. Through this, you will have at least a new take on the usual landscape photography.


CONSIDER the RUle of Thirds, at times

The classic photography rule of thirds is a great guideline for beginners. It is when you divide your frame into 3 equal parts to create a focal point. This rule is very dominant in most landscapes, but in time you will understand that the rule of thirds is not applicable to all photo shoots. Don’t just depend on the general rule, as there are always exceptions to it. Just like how the sky will always take part in a landscape photography, but you still have the choice to get rid of it.

Capture the action

Landscape photography is mostly associated with calm and breathtaking sceneries. However, great photographers know how to mix serenity and action. Using longer shutter speed, you can capture a more dramatic and interesting image like birds flying, waves clashing and trees dancing. There is something more striking than still landscapes. Be creative and think outside the box of photography.

A more fascinating landscape photography

Brave the Weather

Whether you are taking shots in a still environment or in a frenzied place, you can still capture awesome images. Most newbies would just head on to a sunny day, while the experts would brave a storm just to make time stand still.

Sometimes, photography is not just about the peacefulness and attractiveness of an image. There is also beauty amidst chaos. As a photographer, look at the brighter side even in the most messy setting.

A Beautiful Mess