Camera Accessories Every Photographer Should Have

Camera Accessories Every Photographer Should Have


Photography life is very interesting. However, it can also be demanding, especially with the countless camera accessories you’ll always be tempted to buy.

Owning a camera is just the initial step of an amazing, yet complicated world of photography. And to give you a hint of some of the most needed camera accessories, check out this guide.

P.S. It’s better to be prepared (physically and financially) about these camera essentials.


Your precious camera needs to be protected at all times. A camera bag is one of best ways to extend your camera’s life. Apart from that, it also organizes all other camera accessories. There are a lot of choices for camera bags, but the most popular are photo backpacks and passport sling. These camera bags are very convenient and comfortable to carry, even with all your camera essentials inside.

Handy Camera Bag for Every Photographer


Using a tripod can make your photography session less tiring. Expert photographers always have this significant tool near them. Even with the amazing technology advancements like high ISO performance and image-stabilization systems, tripods continue to be the greatest camera essential to help you capture quality pictures. It elevates the technical quality of seemingly difficult to capture scenes.

Some of the best tripods for your DSLR are Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Carbon Fiber Tripod, Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod with Center Ball Head, Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 and Slik Sprint Mini II GM.

Remote Shutter Release

Long exposure photography can be a little delicate. And to help you with the unwanted blurs and vibrations in your image, remote shutter release could do its part. Remote release allows you to capture the perfect shot without touching your camera. And together with the tripod, this tool assists you in taking the best images, with no camera shakes involved.

Lens Filters

To save time from Photoshop, use camera filters.  Filters are categorized into three: neutral density, ultraviolet and polarizing filters. By using lens filter, you can manipulate the amount of light that hits the image sensor. Aside from that, filters protect your lenses from the ultraviolet light waves.

Further, there are two filter varieties: round and square. The round or fixed-size versions are those that matches the lenses of your camera. On the other hand, square filters give versatility to different types of camera. And since these filters can be used in many cameras, they are a bit expensive than the round styles.

This is How Lens Filter Works!

Step-Up rings

These petite accessories help your camera filters adapt to different lens sizes. Most photographers would buy few adjustable filters and many step-up rings to save money. Filters are normally more expensive, thus it is advisable to buy step-up rings than purchasing similar filters of multiple versions.

Save money through step-up rings!

Additional lenses

You will be needing different types of lenses for diverse photography sessions. With zoom lens, you can get crisp photo of small subjects because of its longer focal length. You can also try a portrait lens, which is great for serious portrait photography. And if you’re into shooting interiors, architecture and landscapes, wide angle lenses are the best for you, considering its short focal length.

Speed light Flash

If your camera has a built-in pop-up flash, then that’s very useful in getting the right amount of light for your images. However, a better version of the pop-up flash is the flashgun or also known as the speed light flash.

Normally, speed light generates stronger flash and farther reach compared to the built-in units. And when you’re making use of flash either as a fill-in light or a light bouncer, speed light becomes very useful. You can attach the accessory to your camera to capture more attractive photos.

Control the light with Speed light

Flash Diffusers

Aside from flash, another great tool that controls light in a very attractive way is the flash diffusers. This accessory ensures a more natural lighting in the images because it eliminates the strong white light  from direct flash.

Spare Battery And External Drive

Dead battery and full memory are some of the most disappointing scenarios in a photography session. As a photographer, you need to have these essential camera accessories to avoid frustration and hassle.

Light Reflector

Reflectors have been very useful for photographers in every photo shoot. Sometimes you cannot dictate the amount of natural light, so you need to have a tool that will help your control the light. Aside from the built-in flash and flashgun, you need a light reflector for a perfect photography. Reflector can be use everywhere, whether indoor or outdoor photo shoots.

Camera Cleaning Kit

Your ever reliable camera and camera accessories need a pampering session. Dust and other particles can damage your camera, so you need to have a handy cleaning kit. Your cleaning kit must include rocket air blaster/ blower, soft lens cloth, lens brush and sensor cleaning fluid. These cleaners will really be of use for cleaning smudges and removing dirt.