Best Places to Capture the Sunrise



The everyday rising of the sun is a very magical phenomenon. How can something so big and bright light up the whole universe? Well, the beauty of the sun portrays the beauty of life.

Whatever the time, wherever the place, sunrise will always be one of the favorite subjects of a photographer. There are thousands of settings in the world, where you can witness the everyday ascend of this brightest sphere. Go chase Mr. Sun at these places and you will surely fall in love with its magnificence for the nth time.

Lake Annecy, French Alps

What a beautiful morning!

Lush surroundings, clear waters and splendid sunrise— such a perfect way to start your morning. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the sunrays reflecting the clear waters of Lake Annecy. The splendor of its setting attracts everyone from different parts of the world.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Dazzling palace of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is not just known for its historical significance, but also for its dreamy sunrise. Though most tourists come here to explore the grandeur of the temple complex, photographers visit the place to witness a very exceptional natural occurrence, the sunrise. The sunrise in Angkor Wat is one of a kind because of the sun’s luminosity, which makes the whole structure shine like a magnificent palace.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Nature at its best!

Grand Canyon is one of top destinations for tourists and photographers. Why? First, the massive rock formation is breathtaking. Two, the Colorado River is enchanting. Three, sunrise in the place is magical. Many travelers wouldn’t want to miss this one of kind experience to visit the Grand Canyon. It may be a long tough road, but it will all be worth it.

Nagarkot, Nepal

Sea of clouds with Mr. Sun

The country of Nepal is not just the home of highest mountain on Earth. It is also a place where you can dazzle with the surreal wonder of nature. In the quiet village of Nagarkot, you can witness how the sun rises in a sea of clouds. The trek going to the place is about three hours. After the long route, you will be rewarded with a picturesque scenery.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Odd yet beautiful!

Watching the beauty of Cappadocia from up above is something you will remember for ages. Cappadocia is renowned for its pointed rock formations that surround the place like gigantic towers. Almost all homes have the same color and design. And the best way to witness the panoramic views of the place and the spectacular sunrise is to ride on a hot air balloon. The surreal experience will surely make you forget your fear of heights.

Sahara Desert, Africa

Bare beauty of Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert is very notable because of its extreme hotness, making it the largest hot desert in the world. But even in this lifeless place, nature still creates wonder. The sand dune fields become an iconic backdrop every morning, when the sun peaks beyond its horizon. Capturing the sunrise in Sahara Desert could be very challenging, taking into consideration the severe climate. However, it’s one for the books!

Jokulsarlon Beach, Iceland

The clash of ice and sunrise in Iceland

When we talk about Iceland, we always associate it with glaciers, geysers, lava fields and hot springs. But did you know that the country also offers a magnificent viewing of the sunrise? You can witness a beautiful sunrise at Jokulsarlon beach. Start your day by waiting for Mr. Sun and no doubt, you will appreciate his presence all throughout your stay.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom


No matter what time of day you visit Stonehenge, you will still be amazed of its uniqueness and design. Tourists swarm in the place just to witness the incredible creation of history. And with that, the iconic Stonehenge has been one of the most visited attractions in the whole world.

A tip for all travelers, head on to the monument early in the morning to avoid the crowd and to watch the sunrise. Promise, the view is unbeatable.


Great Wall of China, China

History and Beauty at the Great Wall of china

The extensive work of human creation is best portrayed with the iconic Great Wall of China. Get a hold of this wonder in the most alluring way. Catch the sunrise and witness how the sunrays illuminate this massive structure. Certainly, an exceptional sight to behold.

Serengeti National , Tanzania


The sheer splendor of Serengeti National Park is polished every morning, when the silhouettes of wild animals are beautifully captured. The beauty of fauna life is well-defined through the glowing sunrays. The whole setting outlines a picture perfect photography. What more could you ask for? Sunrise makes magic.